Charles Matthews

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          Hi, my name is Chuck Matthews.  I have lived in Cameron all my life.  I graduated from Cameron High School in June of 1967 and I went to work for the US Postal Service in Cameron that same year.  This past November made 40 years as a City Carrier. I am married to Judy (Hubbs). and we have 2 boys David (17) and Jonathan (12). We have been members of Cameron Baptist Church since 1999.

            God has blessed my life in so many ways, with a wonderful wife and 2 great boys who serve the Lord in any way they can. And also with a loving church family.

                  I have known Jesus and what He has done for me all my life as God blessed me with wonderful parents and grandparents who taught this to me starting at an early age and this is why I choose to serve the Lord. I urge all of you parents and grandparents to do the same with your children and grandchildren because how will they know unless someone teaches them, and if you yourself do not know about Jesus and what he did for you then I urge you to ask Pastor Ron or the Deacons to tell you how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus.

                  I consider it a great honor and a humbling experience to serve as one of your Deacons and I hope you will call on us to minister to your family needs.


            MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

            Chuck Matthews

  December 2019  
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